About SDEJ


Student Debt and Education Justice is a special project of the Women and the Law Program of American University Washington College of Law.  The project houses legal advocacy and academic research on the law governing student debt and higher education financing by our faculty and students, as well as public and media education.

The SDEJ blog will bring together research, news and commentary on how law shapes the financing of higher education, and how the increasing turn to student loans shapes opportunity for individuals, access to resources for families and communities, and the structure of the workforce and economy.  We’ll highlight the laws underlying high levels of student debt, and look at how legal tools might be used to encourage alternative means of funding higher education.

Help for Borrowers

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any individual legal assistance or advice.  If you are a student borrower, you can find information and self-help packets at the National Center for Consumer Law’s  Student Loan Borrower Assistance Center.  They also have an excellent list of referral services and ombudsman programs.


Women and the Law Program/ Student Debt
American University Washington College of Law
4801 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington DC 20016
email us at kraiem@wcl.american.edu
visit us at wcl.american.edu/gender/wlp


Blog posts reflect the personal views of the authors, and not the opinions of American University.

A Note for WCL Students

Want to help us research and write about the law and policy underlying the student debt crisis?  The SDEJ blog and project are housed at Washington College of Law.  If you are a WCL student  and you’d like to get involved with the project, please contact Daniela Kraiem.

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